Areas of Mediation

As a general matter, mediation can be used with regard to any issues that people argue about. The disputes do not necessarily have to involve legal matters. Conflicts in a person's normal daily life can also be resolved through mediation.


It is a common misperception though that the aim of mediation is to reconcile the parties. While there are instances in which, for example, married couples will resolve their differences through mediation and remain together, this is a side effect of mediation rather than the goal. Mediation is not a therapy, even though it may have a certain therapeutic effect. Mediation is forward-looking and solution-oriented. The parties will only look to the past to the extent it is of importance for the present and the future.

In my law firm, I offer mediation primarily in the following areas:


1. Family mediation, especially involving conflicts

  • arising in the context of separation and divorce
  • with elderly family members, so-called “elder mediation”
  • between parents and their teenage children
  • within patchwork families
  • between non-marital partners
  • between married couples (who do not intend to separate)


2. Mediation for conflicts at the workplace and away from work, in particular in companies, organisations, small businesses and clubs

  • for conflicts within teams and between teams
  • for conflicts with co-workers and with superiors
  • in the context of winding down or liquidation of a company (doctor´s practice, law firm) or the departure of a shareholder
  • under an in-house conflict management system. I would gladly advise on and support the establishment and execution of such company-internal conflict management systems (including as a “mediator on call” within a long-term client relationship)


3. Mediation within a family-owned business or involving conflicts over inheritance issues

4. Mediation between neighbours