Family Law


The costs for my legal services are based on the so-called Lawyer Compensation Act (Rechtsanwaltsverguetungsgesetz, RVG). Some of the key provisions include, but are not limited to:


For an initial assessment (without any written summary), which lasts between between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the case, I would charge €190.00, excluding value-added tax. In return for that, I would provide you with an initial assessment of your situation, but I would not conduct any extensive legal research. Any further legal advice would be charged on an hourly basis. I will let you know my hourly rate when you contact me.


To the extent that you decide you would like to retain my services for your legal dispute, we would enter into a fee agreement. This is based in general on the Lawyer Compensation Act, which envisions that a particular matter is charged based on the value of the dispute. In certain cases, however, I would propose invoicing based on my hourly rate instead of the Lawyer Compensation Act.


I will always do my best to be fully transparent to you about attorney, court and other procedural costs which you will face in your particular matter and will agree with you on how to proceed in order to minimize risks associated with these costs.


To the extent you have insurance to cover your legal costs, I will clarify for you to what extent my legal services are covered by such insurance. If you are not able to cover the costs of legal representation and the court fees, if any, from your own income and funds, you can apply for legal aid. I will certainly support you with this application as well.