About me


Conflicts in a relationship, in a family or at work can have a debilitating impact on a person's life and can even take someone to their physical and psychological limit if such conflicts continue unabated. What fascinates me most about mediation is the possibility of helping people out of difficult and emotionally taxing conflicts and to experience how conflicts can be used as a means of clarifying a relationship with a focus on the future and not the past. I also appreciate the well-structured procedural framework of mediation because it gives all participants a sense of security and helps to encourage discussion and creative thinking.


In conflicts involving children, I am focused in particular on making the needs and interests of the children transparent and on searching for solutions which will make possible a peaceful interaction among all participants and a happy childhood for the children after the divorce or separation of their parents.


Where it seems appropriate and the parents agree to it, I also let the children (once they are of a certain age and in a protected environment) participate in the mediation process.


I am myself a spouse, a mother and a working professional, realistic, with a sense of humour, sensitive, open and curious. I enjoy working with people and am fascinated by their individual stories. I can also conduct mediations and provide legal advice in English.


In addition, based on my many years of experience as a “corporate lawyer”, I also have a solid understanding of business and significant experience with law firms, banks and universities. These experiences are useful not only in resolving conflicts in these particular settings but also in providing family law advice to, or with regard to, business people.